Interview Skills & Mock Interview Session 30-Dec-2018 Sunday

9 years ago I started my career
I failed in one of my interviews
Depressed, devastated, didn’t knew what to do.
Fortunately, I got another interview call
I appeared in that interview and failed again
Failed badly 😦
These HR professionals seem so heartless, all they say at the end was “We will let your know” but they never!
Some of them told me to inform me by Monday and I used to hate Mondays just because of that
When it happened for the 10th time – I was broke
One night I was thinking about all these interviews when suddenly a thought came in my mind
I picked a pen and paper and start remembering all the questions asked in those interview, after completing questions, I thought about how I answered those interviews and how the employer responded to them, I wrote all those experiences, that piece of paper was filled from top to bottom, I transferred all that data on a diary.
My view point of taking interview changed since then, I don’t care if they reject me for the 20th time or 50th, I became a learner and kept on noting all those questions and began to ask my friends and other HR professionals in my network about it.
And it improved, I began winning almost every interview I took, and the feeling was amazing, it was like an answer on my tongue as soon as the interviewer start to ask it.
Through this constant study of the interviews I took from my personal experience, I compiled a training and started presenting in my circle, since then I have organized tens of such workshops in various universities, career centers, colleges, etc and got a positive feedback from those who have attended.
Do you want to be a winner?
Register to my upcoming workshop now and improve your chances of getting a job!

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