2-DEc-2018 : Resume Writing Session @ Gaditek organized by Motivators

Resume Writing Workshop – The Ingredients Of A Winner Resume

The aim of the workshop was to make the participants aware enough so that they can design, summarize and maintain their resume and use it efficiently in their job search! A bad resume is the main reason of few interview calls, obviously a resume which is not up to the mark is usually not shortlisted. From this workshop participants can learn how to tweak their own resume and how to make it a job magnet!

Pictures of the event:

Presentation designed by Mr Owais (who was the Lead trainer) can be downloaded from here

The Donts Of A Resume – written by co-facilitator Mr Rehan can be seen from this link

This video is recorded after the training session. Please subscribe to the channel.

Do you want to arrange this workshop in your own school, college, institute, university or community? Fill the form below:

Resume Writing Workshop – The Ingredients Of A Winner Resume

We all make resume, to apply for job or for other purposes like applying to universities or scholarships. Why we dont get the response? Or the response is low? There are some ingredients which makes a resume a winner, which we mostly miss. 
Learn the art of making a winning resume.
This workshop will not only about presentation but we will include you in making your own resume a better one. 
Bring your resume in the session and transform it into a sniper resume!

Advertisement which was used to promote this session.

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