31-Oct-2018 | Talk with young engineers of PAF KIET

31-Oct-2018 | Talk with young engineers of PAF KIET

Career Guidance Seminar was organized by Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEF) Karachi Chapter on 31st Oct 2018, the seminar was started by our host of the event Mr Wahaj who is also student of PAF KIET, then I was called on stage to talk about career guidance of engineers, interview skills and resume tips.

Most part of my talk included the tips about self development, I told them that there are literally 1000s of engineers pass out from institutes and universities every year, but your goals must be to make a difference. I mean how you can stand out from the crowd, number of internships ( practical job experiences ), volunteer work, any unique project, certifications, anything which makes you different from other can make you stand out, this will definitely help you in your interviews.

Be confident during the interview, as confidence is king, and it can be attained by preparation and practice, you know about the common interview questions, why not try to find their answer so that you can be fluent on the day of assessment. Likewise always make your resume by yourself, don’t copy paste!

After me, the Mr Arsalan Shah was called on stage to talk about entrepreneurship and later Mr AlKazim Mansoor was called on stage to talk about objectives and previous events of PEF.

So during and after my talk some of the question asked were:

  • University matters? If I am from Pef and someone from Ned, do companies prefer him on us?
  • What to do if we don’t get the relevant job related to our field of engineering
  • Should we follow our passion or the engineering we have done?
  • After graduation, what post graduate field we should choose?
  • What type of picture we can put on our resume?
  • We have studied abt 44 subjects in 4 years. What subjects you recommend to study before interview?

Well, also making video on all these questions InshaAllah will be uploaded soon on my YouTube channel. Subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/c/SyedOwaisMukhtarVlogs 

Stay tuned

Below are the pictures of events:

For more details and to organize keynote session in your university, college or school, please call Mr Owais on 0335-6924700 or fill below form:

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