7-June-2018 “Flagman Safety Training” @ China Power Hub Generation Company

On 7th June 2018, a training session was done on the topic of “Flagman Operations Safety” for the CPEC client China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd and CHEC.

This session was organized from the platform of The OHS Consultants.

In this session, below-mentioned points were covered:

  1. ·         Responsibilities of a Flagman
  2. ·         Required clothing for a Flagman
  3. ·         Flagger’s own Safety
  4. ·         Basic Flagger equipment
  5. ·         Proper use of Hand signalling
  6. ·         Proper Flagging methodology
  7. ·         Location of Flagger Station
  8. ·         Select and display the correct temporary signage
  9. ·         Dealing with Emergencies

For more information and to arrange this session in your firm, call us on 03356924700

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