27th-Mar-2018 Session on “How To Make An Effective Resume” *FREE :)

Session on “How to write an effective resume” – to arrange this session in your institutes, gimme a call on 0335-6924700, Thanks

You can download the presentation from here 

Who will attend?

This session will be beneficial for professionals, recent graduates and students who are job seekers or who will be seeking for job in near future and want to learn and improve their resume writing skills to increase their frequency of interview calls from employers.

What we will learn?

Importance of a good resume

How to make an effective resume

What are the main elements of a resume?

What are the common mistakes we make while making a resume, and how to correct them.

What are the old and outdated practices in resume making?

What is visual resume, and how it is helping people

How will this help us?

Copy and paste is the widely known technique of young professionals while trying to make a resume for the first time, when you copy someone else resume there is always a high chance of copying their mistakes as well. Not everyone in the job arena learns before making a resume, and not everyone in the job market is offering candidates learning opportunity on how to make a resume, this is how you can make a difference and stand out. It is good to learn from your mistakes; rather try to learn from the experts and their personal experience. We are offering this training, because we saw a gap in this field of learning.

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