11-Feb-2018 Session on “Next To Engineering” in Career Guidance Seminar by PEF

The topic of today’s training session is “next to engineering”. Thank you very much for attending. As you all know that when an engineer has done his engineering most of the engineers have a stereotype for example if he is a mechanical engineer he has a perception in his mind that he will be working in front of the machine the whole time, if he is a textile engineer he have a perception that he will be working in front of the textile machinery the whole time, if he is a civil engineer he will be thinking of making buildings, if he is a metallurgy engineer he has a perception that he will be working in front of the foundry, and if this does not happen he will think that he is working out of the field of engineering. However this is not the case, there are several another department in which engineer can contribute effectively, for example, quality management system, health safety and environment, project management, sale and marketing, and entrepreneurship. So first we will talk about the quality management system, in a company the management system acts like a base of a building. and when it is an engineering firm then definitely an engineer will be required to develop the management systems because he will know the technicalities of the product, how to to make an SOP for the engineering procedures, what are the things required to make the product, and many other things which he can work upon. Now the question is what are the certifications which are required to come in the field of the quality management system, there is only one prerequisite which is international certification of ISO 9001 lead auditor course.

WATCH PART 1 OF THE TALK HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MPvuFfsdRo

Continuing the topic of “next to engineering”. Now we will discuss health and safety environment, a few years ago this was also considered as a non-engineering field but now luckily engineers have accepted that HSE is an engineering field. In HSE we study about how to prevent ill-health at work, how to decrease incident and injuries in the workplace and how to make our procedure environment-friendly. To join this field I suggest the newcomers to do a local fire safety awareness course from any local Institute, next can be done an IOSH certification which is a UK body, after that NEBOSH courses are recommended which is also a UK body and top of the ladder are ASP and CSP certifications which are perhaps the highest qualification in the field of Health and safety. The question is why engineers are recommended for the position of Health and safety because when we are designing any tool in order to look at the safety aspect of that tool or that machine and Engineer with the knowledge of safety is the best person to do that job, another example is for incident investigation of a collapse of building a Civil Engineer with the knowledge of safety is the right person to do that job. The next field is supply chain management automotive industry & technical industry mechanical engineering is preferred in SCM role, because the nature of SKUs they have is larger in number & complex in size which needs technical expertise to understand their sensitivity & planning to move them in supply cycle. In front of an ordinary store in charge, a screw is a screw, but the only engineer knows the technicalities and difference between two different sizes of screws their thread depth, their material and their application. The next field is project management, engineering projects and heavily dependent upon non-technical issues as well in order to handle those non-technical issues you must equip yourself with soft skills like planning, delivery, controlling, handling and taking over. In project management, we study how to manage a project, how to deliver a quality project, within the timelines, and how to manage the cost versus efficiency.

WATCH PART 2 OF THE TALK HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbABNElLTso

Continuing the topic of “next to engineering”. Next field is sales and marketing, so in the past we normally see that a company makes the product and the salesperson try to sell this product to the client, but a sale person always take help and guidance from an engineer in case the product is technical so the job role of sales engineer arise due to the gap in knowledge of salesperson versus a technical person. Nowadays, Companies hire an engineer to sell their engineering products because they think that an engineer has the technical knowledge and better understand the ability of that specific Engineering or technical product which a normal sales person lacks. The next field is entrepreneurship and self-employment, there is a quote that if they will be unable to market their product someone else might be doing it right now and earning much higher than them which was actually your right, so engineer should also come in business field, if they have created a product they must sell it by themselves, bill Gates is an example of self-employment, according to a research 20% of Fortune 500 CEOs have a degree in engineering also 24 of Harvard Business Review 100 the best performance have degrees in engineering compared with 29 who have MBA.

WATCH PART 3 OF THE TALK HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxVwlyHgPKM


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