2-Jan-2018, Power Tools Safety Training for Three Gorges Wind Mill Farm, Karachi

On 2nd Jan 2018, a one full day session (interactive session, including group activities and videos), was done on Power Tools Safety for the Three Gorges Wind Mill Farm employees in which following topics were covered,

  1. General Power Tools Guideline
  2. Hazards (of Power Tools)
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Controls of hazards
    1. Guarding
    2. Switches
    3. PPEs
  5. Right tool for the right job & consequences of wrong tool usage
  6. Tool Types and Controls and safe usage
    1. Electric tools
    2. Mechanical Tools
    3. Portable abrasive wheel tools
    4. Pneumatic Tools
    5. Liquid Fuel Tools
    6. Powdered Actuated Tools
    7. Hydraulic Power tools
  7. Suggested PPEs for various tools, PPEs hierarchy
  8. Safety Behavioral Aspect
  9. Incident Reporting

Below are the highlghts:



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