Blogger Meet Up for Pakistan Digi Awards 2017 (#PDA2017)

Last week I was in an amazing meeting with the organizing committee of Pakistan Digi Awards 2017. The presenter Ms Mahwash Khan explained in detail the purpose, objective and end result of the event and I’m amazed to see that these awards covered almost every aspect of the digital world. From blogging to application development, from social media campaigns to advertisement. These awards carry a wider scope unlike previous ones.
In the past awards are limited to particular categories like blogging, application development, marketing campaign, brand engagement on social media, we have seen Pakistan Blogs Awards organized by Google and Blogistan Awards organized by independent Urdu blogging community, however PDA2017 is covering almost every category present on the internet and the digital arena.
During the meeting we were asked open-heartedly for our suggestions, as you can expect from blogger. We are mostly writers and occasionally speakers, so there was complete silence.
But later the bloggers open up and started to discuss various aspects of the event upon encouraging of the organizing team. As you know that I belong to the Urdu bloggers community, I pointed out that these awards are covering almost every aspect however I cannot see the category for the best Urdu blog. The organizers accepted this open heartedly and ask for further details and statistics so that they can include this category too.
The meeting ended with amazing tea and chance to meet awesome people from the blogger community, FPCCI and other social areas.

Group Photo After The Meet Up

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